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Why Buy From Us?

Free Shipping and Sizing

At, our motto is to only charge you for the watch itself, with absolutely no extra or hidden fees. When you order a high end luxury timepiece online, you should not be burdened with extra fees that a jeweler may incur upon filling your order.  Therefore, we offer FREE insured delivery to all 50 states (U.S.) with no shipping or insurance fees whatsoever.

Once you receive your watch, we understand the thrill of trying it on for the first time. To ensure a perfect fit, we offer FREE sizing for all purchased watches.  Provide us your wrist size, and our professional in-house watchmaker will size the watch to fit you perfectly. If your watch needs to be sized down, we will take link(s) out and include them in the package. If links need to be added, we only charge for the cost of the extra links.

Box and Booklets Included

Every watch we sell is 100% factory original Rolex -- unless it has custom added diamonds.  

All watches come with the original manufacturer accessories from when it was sold in a Rolex dealer.  Every Rolex watch also comes with its authentic and original Rolex box including booklets and tags. When you receive the watch and open up the box, the presentation is exactly how it appears when you purchase in-person.  

100% Authentic

As mentioned, every watch we sell is 100% factory original Rolex with nothing considered ‘Italian made’ or ‘aftermarket.'  Every watch is manufactured from Rolex and comes with the original Rolex movement. The bracelet and dial are also 100% factory original Rolex. 

If a Rolex watch features diamonds or says “Custom Added” diamond dial or diamond bezel, the aftermarket diamonds are the only customization. The dial and bezel of a Rolex watch can easily be replaced by diamonds. All custom added diamond work is done by our in-house watchmaker and is only done so according to industry standards.

3% Wire Discount

The most efficient and cost effective way to purchase a watch and process an order is paying via Bank Wire Transfer.  We offer a 3% price reduction when paying for the watch via bank wire transfer instead of a credit card, which comes with processing fees. 

Simply click on the watch you would like to purchase, send us an email with the intent of purchase, and we will deduct 3% off the total price, saving you, the customer, hundreds of dollars. Additionally, since there is no credit card verification process, the order will process and ship same day in most cases.

Full Buckle to Buckle Warranty

We offer a full "buckle-to-buckle" warranty on all Rolex watches. 

In general, Rolex watches are unlikely to need any service for the first five years of ownership. If there is a problem, there is a 99% chance it will happen within the first year. Thus, we offer a one year service if anything goes wrong with the watch during the first year. 

We will send a UPS call tag to your door, pick up the watch, repair or replace it, and then ship it back to you. The warranty covers all manufacturer defects and beyond. is able to service all Rolex watches on location.  We are one of the only online watch dealers that has a full repair and service center which includes a full-time, certified watchmaker. guarantees that every single watch will be in brand-new working order and if not, we will take care of you from A-Z.